EasyWeb fosters fast, flexible websites

An open framework lets you build up websites with only HTML, CSS, JS skills


Open framework to build websites easier.

EasyWeb combines Metalsmith, modern static website engine, with all the features you’ll need to launch websites of almost any kind.

1. Change on your machine

Content and layout could be modifiedwith little works using EasyBuilder

2. Intant Preview

Save works and see the changelive and in front of your eyes

3. One-click Deployment

Nothing easier to make your websitesavailable for everyone


Free, Flexible, Powerful, EasyBuilder

support Bootstrap 3.x, Foundation 6.x or any kind of HTML, CSS layouts

Powerful theme website Builder

Just focus on UI/UX design and HTML, CSS code, EasyBuilder will take the rest of works to finish your websites. No limit for front-end developers or designers to build up websites

A new, efficient approach

Not only for development but also for whole lifetime of your websites. No more resources for operating or maintanance because of it's lightweight, reliability and security.

Elegance websites, optimized for mobile

A lot of websites have bad, urly design, built on old, slow back-end framworks. EasyWeb aim to refine all of them for new beautiful layouts and optimize for any devices.

Why do people love EasyWeb?

Built for designers and front-end developers alike.
HTML, CSS & JS skills are enough for everyone to build up websites


What makes everything easier?

EasyWeb shows a lot of built-in profesional websites with the powerful Builder - this makes building your websites easier than ever before.

Total Free - High Quality servies

Building websites or even running on hosting are total free. A high quality but free servie, GitHub, helps your websites have unlimited traffic and storage.
Our websites are also on GitHub.

Premium Support or Services

Besides free support from community, EasyWeb offers commercial support or services for our Preminum Customers. Creating elegance layouts is your tasks, lets the other things for our services.

We'd love to hear from all of you.

We'd love to hear from designers, developers to enrich EasyWeb, to satisfy customers who always want to own honorable websites

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